A pilot safety course

OSRM™ is a 90-minute, affordable and entertaining computer-based course on single-pilot situation awareness and workload management. What have you done lately to reduce your risk of pilot error?

OSRM™ Research Study

A pilot takes to the controls at Seneca College's Flight Simulator to test the effectiveness of OSRM™ .

OSRM™ has been proven effective at improving pilot performance. Dr. Suzanne Kearns completed her 2007 research study into the effectiveness of OSRM™ , finding that computer-based SRM training significantly improves pilot skills. This research project involved 36 licensed pilot volunteers. Some of the volunteers completed training and some did not. All of the volunteers then completed a flight in a high-fidelity Cessna 172 simulator in which their situation awareness was measured. It was determined that pilots who completed OSRM™ training demonstrated significantly better situation awareness than those who did not complete training.

This means that not only is OSRM™ convenient, affordable and entertaining, but it works!

Download a summary of the research results or the full conference paper.