A pilot safety course

OSRM™ is a 90-minute, affordable and entertaining computer-based course on single-pilot situation awareness and workload management. What have you done lately to reduce your risk of pilot error?


Professor Suzanne Kearns

OSRM™ was developed out of The University of Western Ontario by Dr. Suzanne Kearns and a number of essential partners.

Dr. Suzanne Kearns is a professor in the Commercial Aviation Management program at The University of Western Ontario. She has developed and taught several aviation courses at the university including Human Factors and Aviation Safety. She has been a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot for the last 13 years, holds advanced aviation degrees from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Design for Online Learning.

Embry-Riddle has featured Dr. Kearns in its Alumni Spotlight Series, click here to view.

Redwood E-Learning Company

Redwood eLearning Systems has a proven track record of providing custom e-learning content to many of today’s largest corporations including RBC, Xerox, Rogers Cable, and DeBeers Canada among others. Redwood designed the OSRM™ eLearning modules to Professor Kearns' specifications. Visit Redwood’s website for more information, click here.

SSNDS at The University of Western Ontario

Social Science Network and Data Services (SSNDS) maintains the OSRM™ website. SSNDS has been providing computing, network and information technology services and expertise to Western’s Faculty of Social Sciences since 1973. SSNDS is a nationally recognized leader in the development and use of technology through its Internet Data Library System (IDLS).

WORLDiscoveries®, The University of Western Ontario

WORLDiscoveries® is the Business Development Office for the research-intensive organziations in London, Ontario, including The University of Western Ontario. WORLDiscoveries® helps London researchers bring their technologies to the marketplace. Learn more about this office at the WORLDiscoveries® website, click here.