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OSRM™ Overview

OSRM™ training is an interactive, entertaining and educational training program to teach important safety skills in General Aviation (GA).

In the following video clip, Dr. Suzanne Kearns provides more information about the training program (sound required).

What is SRM?

OSRM in use at Western

OSRM™ in use at The University of Western Ontario.
(photo courtesy of 'Western News')

Single-pilot resource management (SRM) training understands that you are a good pilot who knows how to fly your aircraft efficiently. SRM does not teach pilots how to fly; it teaches important safety skills and strategies that aren’t covered in ground school.

Why is SRM training important? Its forerunner, crew resource management (CRM) training, also focuses on safety skills but targets multi-pilot crews. CRM is required pilot training in most military and airline operations. It focuses on improving the communication and coordination of pilot crews to reduce pilot error. Within the airline and military sectors, estimates of accident rates associated with pilot error range from 70-80%. Within general aviation, the NTSB determined in 1989 that pilot error is the primary causal factor of 97% of accidents. SRM training takes the concepts developed through CRM and adapts them to single-pilot general aviation activities. The FAA has recently recommended that all pilots of Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) keep current in SRM training (Industry Training Standards (FITS) program for VLJs & TAAs).

Regardless of the type of aircraft you are operating, all general aviation pilots can benefit from this training. For example, you probably have an idea what the term ‘situation awareness’ means. SRM training takes situation awareness to the next level by presenting proven strategies that you can use on your next flight to have better situation awareness.

Online SRM


Your coaches are Eric Robinson (left), a general aviation flight instructor with over 5000 hours of experience, and Dr. Katelyn Michaels (right), an aviation safety researcher.

Online Single-Pilot Resource Management (OSRM™) is an interactive, entertaining and educational training program that teaches crucial safety skills for general aviation pilots.

In approximately 75-90 minutes you will complete the following three training units:

  1. Introduction to SRM and overview of aviation safety statistics
  2. Workload management
  3. Situation awareness

In each module you will learn from real world scenarios and be guided by two animated coach characters. Your coaches will introduce the safety concepts, provide important background information, deliver quizzes and exercises to practice the concepts, and guide you to successful completion of the training program.

The training program will track your progress through OSRM™ so you can take breaks and restart when convenient. You will also complete a fun but challenging quiz at the end of each module to test your knowledge.

Once you complete all modules, you can obtain your OSRM™ Safety Certificate of Completion.

Preview OSRM™

The following videos showcase additional features of the OSRM™ training program. Sound required!

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