OSRM is a 90 minute computer-based course on pilot
Situation Awareness and Workload Management

Upgrade Your Aviation Safety Skills

OSRM Module Screen Capture

OSRM™ Training Module Virtual Classrom

Did you know that we have entered a peculiar time in aviation where the aircraft flown are statistically safer than the pilots who fly them?

The National Transportation Safety Board reports that 97% of General Aviation (GA) accidents are caused by pilot error.

Now you can upgrade your aviation safety skills online with Online Single-Pilot Resource Management (OSRM™), an advanced, affordable and entertaining multimedia training course.

OSRM™ offers high quality instruction. It was developed and tested in the field
by Dr. Suzanne Kearns, a professor of Commercial Aviation Management at
The University of Western Ontario.

What have you done lately to reduce your risk of pilot error?
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Obtain Your Safety Certificate of Completion Today!

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OSRM™ Safety Certificate of Completion

What are you waiting for? OSRM™ is an interactive, entertaining and educational training program to teach important safety skills in General Aviation.

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"Well explained content with user interaction to help re-inforce material taught."
- Geoff McKay, Editor, LearnToFly.ca



OSRM Proudly Supports:

Women of Aviation Week

Women of Aviation Week. To learn more about the worldwide week, please click here.


Webster Trophy

The Webster Memorial Trophy, committed to declaring "the Top Amateur Pilot in Canada". To learn more about this annual event, please click here.


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